One might think taking a test at home on the computer would reduce stress. However, it can create last minute hiccups that actually increase anxiety and negatively impact your ability to perform.


  • Like with any exam it is important to make sure you study and are adequately prepared for the exam materials
  • For an online exam it is also important to make sure all of your test taking equipment is also prepared
    • Make sure you have internet access
    • Make sure your computer or other device is charged and that you have a charger readily available if needed
  • Familiarize yourself with how to access the exam online, so that you are not struggling day of
  • Make sure you know the exam time and double check what time zone the test is scheduled for
  • Ask your professor information about the format of the exam before hand
    • Will each question be timed?
    • What is the total time permitted?
    • What will the question format be?
    • Will you have to ability to go back to a question after moving forward?

During the Exam

  • Find a good test taking spot
    • One that reduces distractions and the chance of someone interrupting you
    • Reduce as many distractions as possible: tv, cell phone, put pets outside, notify other family members in the home you are about to take an exam.
  • Gather all of the materials you need, so you don’t waste timing having to locate them after the exam begins
  • Practice good time management during the exam
  • Only keep the test window open
  • If helpful, set an alarm that will notify you when you have 10 minutes left to complete the exam
  • Be aware that technical problems can arise
    • Don’t panic. This is expected at times.
    • Take screen shots of the problem encountered
    • Notify your professor right away