Interested in being part of the leadership for Tide Against Suicide? Contact Sarah Tarnakow ( for more information on how to become a campus partner or be an implementation team member. We are looking for students, staff, and faculty to get involved. You can also sign up to attend a training.

2020 Tide Against Suicide Implementation Team


  • Jeremy Henderson, SCWB
  • Charlotte Petonic, HPW
  • Danielle Hansen, UREC
  • Liz Kindred, SL External Relations
  • Sandra Smith, WGRC
  • Hillary Groover, CRIS
  • Laura Thomas, UREC
  • Mitch Beavers, CC
  • Ashley Jones, CC
  • Holly Prewitt, CC


  • Davis Silver
  • Ryan Davey
  • Will Henson
  • Ashlyn Neal
  • Knox Taylor

Student’s Tide Against Suicide (STAS)

STAS is a student organization that works to support the overall Tide Against Suicide initiative. Specifically this organization works to:

  1. Spread awareness for suicide prevention on college campuses
  2. Host events to promote student health and wellbeing, and shattering the stigma behind suicide and mental health
  3. Provide educational resources for identification, first response and prevention of suicide
  4. Empower students to prioritize and take charge of their mental health
  5. Offer testimonies from personal experience and provide a place for students to share how they have struggled with mental health and the steps they took to get better

Please visit the Source for more information.