The Counseling Center offers support groups, process groups, and workshops for students. Each group below has a description of the type of issues or concerns are best addressed by that group. This is to help you determine the group that would be a good fit for you. There are no fees for any support group. All groups below are virtual until further notice. If you have an interest in another type of group we may provide or assist with, please contact us to discuss this with a counselor. Please note our group offerings are updated at the beginning of the fall and spring terms. Groups are only available to currently enrolled students.

Fall 2023 Support Groups

The majority of our support groups will be virtual for the spring. If you are interested in a group, you can request to participate through the button below. Once completed, the group leader will reach out to you shortly. Note that not all groups may be on the sign up link. If the group you are interested in is not there, please call our center at 205-348-3863 and ask to speak to the group leader. All groups run for 1 hour unless otherwise indicated.

Support Group Sign Up Request

True Colors: A Support Group for African American Identified Students and Blacks in the Diaspora as they Cope with a Time of Growth and Change

Group Leader: Fayth Hope
Group time: Time TBD
Group Description: The aim of this support group is to provide a haven and sounding board for students to voice their experiences navigating the campus environment as well as life in general as a person of color. This group will also explore and discuss the emotional and social health, role expectations, and inter-/intrapersonal relationships as a member of the Black community on campus while facing the challenges of anti-Blackness/Racism.

Coping with a time of growth and change: a support group for student members of the University community

Group Leader: Patrick Lewis
Group time: Fridays at 3:00 p.m. This group will be held virtually through Zoom
Group Description: This group will provide support for students and explore issues related to maintaining healthy relationship with self and others, feeling overwhelmed due to COVID-19, and other general areas of concern.

Virtual Drop-in Group.

Group Leader: Carey Marsh
Group time: Thursdays at 3 p.m. To participate, please call 205-348-3863 and speak to the group leader. The group takes place over zoom and the group leader will provide information on how to join.
Group Description: This group is specifically offered to provide space for students to talk with a counselor and their peers for the purpose of gaining and providing support.

Success and growth in the US (international student workshop)

Group Leader: Nahree Doh
Group Location: 011 BB comer hall

Group time: Thursday  from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. starting September 21. Applications will be collected at 105 BB Comer hall on September 14 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please complete interest form above before September 14.

Group Description: An 11 week workshop designed to facilitate international students’ adjustment, academic success and personal growth. This workshop will be done as a closed group of 5-8 members. Members will have opportunities to learn useful skills for successful life in America, to develop understanding about American culture and life, and to explore their experiences of living and studying in America.

Thriving with my ADHD brain (ADHD workshop)

Group Leader: Deirdre Gilligan
Group time: Time TBD
Group Description: This is four session workshop to help students understand strengths and challenges that come with ADHD brain and to figure out ways to thrive with ADHD. This workshop will run as a closed group of up to 6 members and It is important to attend all four sessions to get the most out of the workshop. Advanced registration required ask your therapist or call the Counseling Center for details. Topics covered include 1. Understanding ADHD Brain, 2. Regulating Attention, 3. Regulating Emotion, and 4. Improving Time Management and Organizational Skills.

Let’s Grow, Girls!

Group Leader: Leigh Ann Henneke
Group time: Mondays at 2:00 p.m.
Group Description: This group is to help first-year female students and incoming second-year students attending classes on campus for the first time to address common issues such as homesickness, stress & time management skills, building relationships, and self-care. Learn helpful skills and get support from other students experiencing similar issues.

Body Kindness and Empowerment Group

Group Leader: Caitlin Geary and Courtney Wood
Group time: Thursdays at 3:00pm in-person at Counseling Center
Group Description: The Body Kindness and Empowerment Group is a support group to help any student who struggles with body image concerns. The group will discuss various sources of body image influences that they face daily while being supported in a safe space. This group aims to encourage body kindness and empower group members to challenge their mindset on how they view themselves and others. This is an open group and all are welcome!

Graduate Student Support Group

Group Leader: Caitlin Geary
Group time: Time TBD
Group Description: This is a support group for graduate students who are struggling with the unique stressors of graduate school. This group provides students the opportunity to provide and seek support from other students who are going through similar circumstances and challenges.

Grief Support Group

Group Leader: Caitlin Geary
Group time: Time TBD
Group Description: This is a support group for students who have experienced loss and and are struggling with grief.

Creative Stress Relief Group

Group Leader: Holly Prewitt and Susan Clements
Group time/Location: Fridays from 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.; Multi-Activity Room (MARS) room at the UA Recreation Center
Group Description: This workshop will focus on creative tools and strategies to help increase coping skills for stress.

TRANS Support Group

Group Leader: Jennifer Turner
Group time: Please call to speak to the group leader for more information.
Group Description: The TRANS Support Group is a space for individuals to share their experiences and create community in a welcoming, supportive environment. It is open to UA undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who identify as trans, transgender, gender queer, fluid, non-binary, FTM, MTF, Two Sprit, intersex, gender questioning and anyone who identifies outside their gender assigned at birth.