Are my visits confidential?
Yes. There are exceptions, including when there is a concern for someone’s safety.
Can I file a claim on my insurance?
If you choose to do so, yes. We do not directly bill insurance companies, however. We can assist you in obtaining the necessary paperwork for such a claim. Be advised that our fees are so low that there is often little to no benefit in filing a claim.
Does counseling go on my academic record?
No. Counseling records are securely maintained only in our Center’s server.
Can I have the bill sent to me instead of my parent’s address?
Yes. You can arrange for this through the UA Student Receivables office (348-5350), or via your myBama account.
What’s the cost?
The fee for routine counseling visits is $15 per session after the first visit. Other services, such as group sessions, are free. Students are not expected to bring payment with them to their appointments.
How many sessions can I have in one year?
Enrolled students whose needs fall within the scope of our services may have up to 15 sessions per academic year, but the actual duration may be recommended by a counselor. Most students are seen for five sessions or less in any given semester, most often by their own choice.
Will I see a graduate student?
Advanced graduate students in the mental health professions do provide a small minority of services in our center. They are closely supervised by licensed staff members, who approve of referrals to them. Past customer satisfaction surveys indicate a high degree of satisfaction with their work in our Center.
Will sessions be one-on-one or in group format?
Most students receive individual counseling. Groups are available, and in some cases we encourage students to attend them.
Does the Counseling Center prescribe medication?
Our consulting psychiatrist can. We can also assist with referrals for medication when appropriate.
Can I get an excuse for missed classes, assignments or tests?
We do not provide “excuses.” We can provide documentation of your visits or other information about you if you request it, but any decision made based on such information is completely up to your instructors.
Can I get a medical withdrawal?
Only a physician in the Student Health Center can authorize medical withdrawals. Our staff can recommend them to this physician when it is clinically appropriate to do so, as can any health care practitioner. We cannot recommend them for students with whom we have had no or very little contact, especially when it’s late in the semester.
Can I get a letter for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?
For accommodations related to an ESA you must have a documented disability and register with the Office of Disability Services. See the University of Alabama Animal Control Guidelines and Assistance Animal Policy (2013) for more information.
Where is the center located?
3000 South Lawn Office Building (1101 Jackson Avenue), next door to the Law School.