Counseling and Therapy Services

The college years are an exciting and challenging time for students. On the one hand, it can be a time filled with new, diverse experiences, people and knowledge. On the other hand, it can involve changes that are stressful to many.

It is normal, even expected, that students will face stressful or problematic times or events while in college. When students make use of resources that are available to them, the potentially negative impact of these events can be minimized or sometimes even eliminated. Left unattended, however, these same events can result in the impairment of a student’s ability to function and do well in school.

We encourage University of Alabama students to make use of the Counseling Center’s services. An overwhelming majority of our clients say that we help them remain in school or help to improve their academic performance. Within ethical and legal guidelines, our services are confidential so students can be assured of privacy. The number of visits students receive varies, but we are able to provide up to 15 counseling sessions per academic year. Students whose needs fall outside the scope of our services are assisted with appropriate referrals to community resources. Types of counseling we offer include screening and evaluation, individual, couple and group counseling, crisis intervention, limited psychological assessments, and referral for medical and other services.

Staff members working in the Counseling Center are licensed and experienced mental health professionals from the disciplines of counseling, psychology, social work and psychiatry. Combined, our professionals represent over 250 years of clinical experience, and they have worked in hospitals, private practice, mental health agencies, substance abuse facilities, and other settings. Advanced graduate students from these same fields, under the supervision of licensed professionals, also provide some services in our center.

Examples of the variety of these and related services include:

  • Telephone call with counselor (for when you just want to quickly run something by a counselor; leave a message and we’ll call you back)
  • Request for a document or letter (for when someone wants documentation written by us)
  • Assistance with medication only (for those who inquire about medicine but not counseling)
  • Group or Support Group Counseling (free and unlimited, current groups can be found here: Group or Support Group Counseling)
  • Couples counseling (both parties must be enrolled and registered UA students)
  • Therapy Assisted Online – TAO (free guided therapy support, requires UA counselor approval, more information can be found here: Therapy Assisted Online)
  • Therapy Assisted Online – TAO Self-help (free and self-directed, does not require counselor approval, more information can be found here: TAO Self-Help). Use your Crimson email account to register for this service.
  • Referral to Other Services (Office of Disability Services, Student Health Center, off campus services, etc.)
  • Brief consultation with a counselor (1-2 visits)
  • Ongoing individual counseling or therapy (up to 15 sessions per academic year according to a counselor’s recommendation)
  • Program or Workshop (free, counselor speaks to a group, request form can be found here: Program or Workshop)
  • Online Suicide Prevention Training (free, takes 30 minutes, can be found here: Online Suicide Prevention Training)
  • Free, anonymous self-evaluation (Screening for Mental Health)

To talk with a counselor or set an appointment, please call 348-3863. You can also learn more about counseling from our FAQ page.